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Date Jun 13 -Jun 16 2024
From May 16th to 18th, OQQ made a significant splash at the Denver Marathon Expo by sponsoring a vibrant brand booth, where a wave of enthusiasm swept through the event. This initiative wasn't merely about showcasing products; it was a celebration of the spirit of marathon enthusiasts and a testament to OQQ's commitment to supporting this passionate community.
At the heart of the action, OQQ generously gifted complimentary attire to attendees, sparking delight among the crowd. The gesture not only fostered a sense of camaraderie among runners but also served as an opportunity for them to experience firsthand the fusion of style and performance that OQQ is known for.

Everyone at the secen just loved OQQ products for their top-quality. The displayed collection impressively balanced comfort, practicality, and trendy designs, catering to the varied tastes of marathon fans.
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