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2023~2024 Autumn and Winter Popular Color Awards

2023~2024 Autumn and Winter Popular Color Awards

    The 2023 spring and summer fashion show is drawing to a close in the global fashion week, and most people will be very concerned about the popular colors of the next autumn and winter seasons. Then the most popular color trends in the spring and summer of 2023 are mostly bright, vivid, and lively, which seem to clean up people's gloomy emotions during the epidemic. Spring and summer are vibrant and bright colors are used to embellish this season; And autumn and winter are steady and calm, but not dull.

    Combined with the colors used in the spring and summer fashion week of 2023~2024, let's speculate on the trend of popular colors in autumn and winter. With the recovery of consumer confidence and economic recovery, driven by people's needs for healing, exploration, transformation, colors will become more intense, saturated, and reawaken vitality.


    Red has always been a trend in the fashion industry, it symbolizes enthusiasm, vitality and courage. Vibrant and inspiring, magenta is a purple-tinged red that's bright without being dull. It is a color that is often seen in winter fashion shows.

Orange red

    Orange-red is a vibrant, warm, bright hue, a color that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as furniture, loungewear, sportswear, etc. Many people choose this kind of warm-toned clothing in their daily life.

Galactic cobalt

    The color is said to be inspired by the evolution of numbers and the metaverse, rich in deep and unpredictable colors. It will be applied to all kinds of sportswear, or jewelry, and it will be a widely used color.


    This color has appeared online, and more people will choose the more subtle and soft color, and introducing this color to the color chart will help them find comfort and peace. Lavender is gender-inclusive, a soft and subtle hue that lends itself to self-care uses.

Sage leaves

    With our lifestyle adjustments, consumers sensitive to overstimulation seek out environments and colors that reduce anxiety and stress. This calm and quiet color can soothe your beating nerves, make you meditate and rest.

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