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Popular shorts in summer 2023

Popular shorts in summer 2023

When summer comes, what style of clothes will you choose to survive the hot weather. In recent years, people choose denim shorts, suspender skirts, small tops, all kinds of summer clothes, how can they be more comfortable, simple and fashionable?

This year, which fashion celebrities from all walks of life will abandon the complicated and cumbersome styles, and put on the most comfortable and simple fashion outfits to appear in people's eyes. Last week, Hailey Bieber used a simple black suspender with light-colored denim shorts. The simple top was cut at the waist. In daily life, the model appeared in a simple dress, but this way is the easiest way to travel.

This is not the first time that the minimalist way of dressing has appeared in the eyes of the public. Stars have removed jewelry and gorgeous clothes and put on the simplest clothes to enter the casual era. Kendall Jenner's all-black look was extremely simple when she participated in the Coachella Music Festival, and she participated in the cheerful music season with the most relaxed attitude. This minimalist style can also be worn in many environments. The important thing is that the style is comfortable and can be recognized at a glance.

I found a style that is slowly appearing in front of everyone's eyes, "Bermuda shorts", and stars are already wearing these shorts to events and fashion shows. Shorts of this length are gradually becoming popular with the public. The length of the pants will not make people feel that they will be exposed, and they are comfortable and easy to match. Don't worry about its matching on formal occasions, a shirt of the same color will make people feel elegant and fashionable.

Suit shorts are also more attractive, and the fabric is relaxed and breathable. Whether it is a round neck puff sleeve shirt or a short sleeve shirt, it will be concentrated, simple and have different styles. The recently popular vest is simple and elegant to match with it, allowing you to experience the retro temperament of the court. Remember to add a belt that looks retro.

There is also a kind of shorts that are more popular among young people. Denim shorts are indispensable in the wardrobe of young people. Use them to create more collocations, and use different styles of tops to match different styles, but they are not elastic and breathable. Even so, it can't resist people's love for it, and its shadow has appeared in any scene such as vacation, shopping, fashion show, etc. A knitted short-sleeve paired with white denim shorts is energetic and youthful.

The shorts you wear to the gym can be difficult to wear outside, but with a jacket or a shirt, they are still a casual piece of clothing, so add more favorite styles to your wardrobe.

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