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The new trend of dopamine dressing

The new trend of dopamine dressing

    The term dopamine outfits first appeared in 2020 or earlier, and has become popular on social media in recent years. Dopamine dressing is a fashion trend based on psychology. It creates a pleasant dressing style through clothing matching, mainly using bright colors for coordination. Wearing dopamine has the effect of emotional healing, which can make people produce more dopamine and make the wearer feel happy and energetic.

    Dopamine outfits are also known as "dopamine emotional outfits", which mainly use bright and bright candy colors to stimulate the brain to produce more dopamine. Under the popularity of this fashion trend, people can improve their mental state and increase their self-confidence by wearing bright and bright clothes sex. In the post-epidemic era, more people choose to wear brightly colored clothing. Psychologically speaking, color is closely related to emotions. Bright and bright colors can bring people a happy, relaxed, and positive state. Wearing with a big explosion of colors It can effectively arouse people's happy mood, intentionally dispel the haze brought by the epidemic, and add a happy color to the gloomy mood. Brands have launched brightly colored apparel in the post-pandemic period, and OQQ is no exception with a collection of candy-colored outfits to add a splash of color to the time period.

    The more important point of wearing dopamine is that the colors are bright but the whole body is in the same color system or the style is simple, which makes people look clean and comfortable. You can use matching formulas to match similar colors, similar colors, contrasting colors, complementary colors, and no colors. Color selection is also very important. If you don’t know how to match, you can choose low-saturation colors to wear. The embellishment of accessories is also very important. of.

    The dopamine style is not only suitable for daily wear but also can be worn on many occasions. In general, wearing bright and colorful clothing can improve the emotional state of mind and show your charm and advantages. At the same time, dopamine wears shale with a focus on practicality and comfort, usually with sneakers and neutral colors as the basis for matching, making it more comfortable to wear.

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