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After Barbiecore, what kind of new color will Barbie pink be replaced by?

After Barbiecore, what kind of new color will Barbie pink be replaced by?
After the "Barbiecore" movie was broadcast some time ago, pink-toned fashion items rushed to the craze, and most of the major platforms were pink for a while. Thanks to Greta Gerwig's live-action film, this phenomenon puts pink directly into the topics people care about the most.
It is known in all consciousness that if any color or style is worn by a hot star this week, then it will be very popular. Zendaya looked perfectly comfortable in a natural gray dress worn in a casual bun and a pair of platform loafers while shopping on Sunday, a look that has an understated edge to it, yet it's the look that has inspired many fast fashion imitators.
But as the heat subsided, Barbie fans inevitably fell into visual fatigue. The direction of the wind is about to change, what color will it usher in? This is what everyone is most concerned about now. This year, there is a color that is bright and opposite to Barbie pink-gray. Compared with the color of Barbie pink, this color looks more soft, formal and monotonous. In the current summer, no one likes this kind of old-fashioned color. They may think that it is more suitable for autumn or winter, and it will look more comfortable.

This kind of gray may not create too much sense of fashion in most people's minds, because this color often appears on clothing such as popular sweatpants, and rarely has a sense of fashion. But here comes Gray, and he's going to be in your closet. However, OQQ had this color when it first released the freshest style, and then found out how well this gray match.
Gray comes in many shades, and adding a little of another color can transform it into a whole new color. OQQ's new brown color was almost sold out before the restocking. It can be seen that this color is already very popular. You can almost not use other grays when you wear it, because this one is enough, and you only need to use some items to match it. If you want to buy, you can click here OQQ to get more new styles and new colors.

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